Bao han spirit: forge ahead, the pursuit of excellence

  Forge ahead

  Perseverance, persistent forward;

  Have the courage to change, is good at change, to change the survival and development;

  Cultivate the ability to learn, good at learning, continuous learning!

  The pursuit of excellence

  Our competition, reflection in the transcendence, the study progress;

  Go forward, struggle, the pursuit of excellence!

  Bao han slogan

  Letter of bao han bao, fear hard!

  The pursuit of excellence, to the world!

  Bao han values: integrity responsibility struggle collaboration

  Integrity: integrity is of human behavior, bao han people advocate honesty, integrity, business can achieve win-win, achievements of each other.

  Responsibility: the premise that the responsibility is to do a good job; Bao han people stressed to the customer, for the company, of its own, have a strong sense of responsibility to the society and the character of responsibility!

  Struggle, refused to mediocrity, refused to stop; Reactive power is bao han people advocate, avoid arrogance, go forward, struggle!

  Collaboration: the team is the foundation of the enterprise built to last, accomplished team to personal good; Bao han people advocated vision, broad-minded, and constantly exert cooperation state cooperation spirit!

  Bao han Chinese employees

  On the way...

  Time in a hurry, struggle more than...

  Bao han! Go all the way growth, accompanied by wind and rain all the way, let's encourage laughter and tears make us strong. We can't stop, because we have a dream; We can't stop, to be restless heart, only for ourselves. The Chinese dream, bao han dream, dreaming of the time has come, are opportunities and challenges, we from scratch, this treasure culvert

  Seeds through hard training, the seed has been, and will come to the fore, is the time to make my dream come true. To achieve dreams, we create a good corporate culture; To achieve dreams, we build the efficient enterprise team;

  To achieve dreams, we identified a clear business goal; To achieve dreams, we established perfect operation strategy. On the way... , to work toward the aim of the heart, we are full of confidence, although the road ahead may be thorns bumpy, but me

  The fearless, because we have a dream!

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