Meet the demands of a wider star products

Cross-border electricity export cargo

01 International shipping service

Professional shipping FCL, shipping, LCL bulk cargo and shipping services, intensification of cargo handling and stowage

02 The international air freight service

A full range of air logistics solutions, implementation for export goods receiving, tallying, measuring, customs clearance, delivery, warehousing, distribution of the "one-stop" service.

03 The international road transport service

Southeast Asia cross-border trucking, night and day, uninterrupted, southeast Asian countries a tank to the end.

04 Built-in trailer service

Highway transportation super team, intelligent scheduling to jilt hang, real-time tracking all the way, business coverage throughout the country

05 Customs clearance service

Keep good customs clearance records, multiple port of customs clearance for customers to solve various difficult customs clearance problems. For the overwhelming majority of customers with a wide variety of import and export commodity inspection agent business.

06 Cargo insurance services

According to the customer, you can import and export cargo transportation insurance cover for the customer.

Bao han business scope

Bao han international logistics is China's international freight professional security products

Bao han E storage

Improve operational efficiency, save 30% - 60% of the freight cost, mode of goods more safe

Supply chain finance service

Solve the seller money back, reduce financial risk, special electric freight channel

Electricity packets

Cover southeast Asia, it is suitable for cross-border electricity sellers light small items, aging fast, cost-effective

You are only responsible for delivery, pick up the goods, all other incurable diseases in the bao han's hands

One-stop service process, you just need to concentrate on dealing with the core

One-on-one customer manager to follow up

Each customer one-on-one communication by exclusive customer manager

Bao han a levite

Will you treasure culvert domestic warehouse the goods delivery

Bao han shipment

Bao han after receive the goods after confirm with the guest goods, arrange shipment on the day

Destination or send to pick up the goods

On arrival of the goods can be treasure culvert to the warehouse or send to your hand

Company strength

Professional commitment to China and southeast Asia countries to provide international freight forwarding business

Security advantages

Treasure to culvert domestic companies to deliver goods, the destination branch receiving, goods is not passed, the whole by the employees during the operation, high safety of goods

Stable advantage

Cargo, each big airline space stability; Air flights take off everyday, sea cargo container every day

Financial advantage

Bao han international logistics well-funded, provide perfect after-sales service

Comprehensive advantages

14 branches at home and abroad, the major offline archives mouths and warehouse distribution wholesale market, 20 years deep Africa & Middle East market


For the import and export customers to provide professional and efficient full set of logistics supply chain services

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