India's electricity business growing! Amazon to pay local licence


  Before April 13 news, amazon Indian from India's central Bank (Reserve Bank of India) to pay local license, this means that amazon can improve India pay experience, so as to improve the competitiveness of electric dealer market in India.

  Amazon India paid license plate

  According to foreign media reports, in the local only 84 companies get this licence. After obtaining payment licences in the amazon, the user can directly through the electronic wallet is a key consumer, rather than having to go through two steps validation process. In addition, amazon could provide an cashback by this license, speed refund and other value-added services.

  Last December, Amazon has introduced Amazon Pay in India. At that time, through the Amazon gift card provider QwikCilver provide service for the local users, and now the Amazon may will be integrated into Amazon gift CARDS and other business Pay.


  It will consolidate with Snapdeal or

  According to Indian media reports, India's historic talks are ongoing, electricity within four weeks, the fastest Snapdeal and it combined the news will be released.

  But so far, from the perspective of India's electricity dealer market clinch a deal amount, it India ranked first, followed by amazon, Snapdeal third. Therefore Snapdeal finally choose a merger with it, is understandable. Prior to that, at the end of march there is news that softbank intended as matchmaker, prompting Snapdeal and merge it. Softbank is the largest shareholder Snapdeal, has more than 30% of the shares.

  In the face of an increasingly competitive field of India's electricity, softbank was for Snapdeal masterminded the three options: merged with it, and alibaba investment Paytm merger, or all of the Snapdeal shares held by the sell-off.

  Tencent amazon three-pillar ali

  Last year, ali told India's largest payment platform Paytm injections of $575 million, earlier this year, again to Paytm ali's electric business platform for investment of $177 million. And in India it is electricity giant it another round of financing of $1.4 billion, tencent to get party joined the Indian electricity business innings.

  At present, the Indian electricity dealer market by amazon, ali, tencent the favour of the three big Internet giant, has quietly formed "three pillar" of the situation.

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