Spring is the first quarter, amazon all did some what things?


  Deliver to overweight logistics will enable unmanned aerial vehicle (uav)

  In logistics, amazon has not stopped.

  1, involved in shipping, Chinese goods can be shipped to the United States

  On January 28, amazon has begun in shipping, by sea to China merchant's goods to the warehouse in the United States. Before that, these jobs are outsourced to the world's largest shipping company. This means that the amazon for many years to build their own distribution system to the latest progress.

  Amazon's chief financial officer, Brian Olsavsky said in the past year the amazon's logistics system to expand by 30%, in 2017, still can add 27 logistics center.

  2, on the logistics cost, also made six big change this year.

  On February 14, amazon's official said, because of warehousing, distribution, transportation, and changing customer service fees, amazon will adjust to changes on the logistics cost. And most will be higher than in the past, on February 22nd, will stop for free distribution. Then, it will be according to the size of goods segment corresponding charge.

  3, layout, Europe, the fifth largest logistics center will be built in Poland

  On February 21, the online retail giant amazon, said on Monday it will open in Poland this year the fifth logistics center, hope to benefit from Poland's relatively low wages and close to the geographical advantages of large German market.

  The decision to increase the amazon open sharing service in the eastern part of the eu's biggest member and the trend of logistics center, to take advantage of the local relative number and skilled workforce.

  4, amazon unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) Prime Air delivery

  The SXSW conference, amazon formal public demonstration of the unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) Prime Air delivery, this is the first public display for the amazon to deliver the unmanned aerial vehicle (uav).

  It is understood that the amazon Prime Air to transport the load goods within 2.5 kg, height will be under control in 120 meters, its built-in ASense and get the system can automatically Avoid obstacles. In addition, the Prime Air also supports the high degree of automation technology, to the goods sent to 10 miles away even further in the distance. Estimates in a short period of time unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) is difficult to scale in delivery.

  5, Amazon Logistics + service competition points to three large Logistics companies in the United States

  On April 5, amazon launched AmazonLogistics + the service in China, in recent months have greatly extended, including cross-border air transportation, packaging, warehousing and customs clearance.

  Logistics, analysts said AmazonLogistics + will make UPS, fedex, and DHL logistics companies are facing more pressure, because anyone in China, rather than only amazon merchants can use the amazon this service.

  Amazon has built a global empire of retail and logistics as one of the key foundation of its business. In amazon's revenue last year, for every $1 $6 from logistics business. the

  Amazon has been wanting to get pay tips

  1, talk to PayPal business cooperation

  Although Apple Paay has captured 36% of the mobile payment market in the United States, Amazon's payment service Amazon Payments momentum, though not as good as the former, but users also reached 33 million in 2013, but also doubled last year.

  Amazon even through the Nine West and LOccitane website payment entrance. In addition, the service also has landed in France, Italy and Spain.

  On January 28, amazon and PayPal with nearly 200 million users have on its web site will allow shoppers to use PayPal account to pay the cost of shopping problems consultation, is trying to control the payment service and make a balance between the concept of user-centered, this is because the PayPal service has a wide range of coverage.

  2, launched the Amazon Cash "(Amazon Cash) services

  In addition, on the payment, Amazon has also launched a known as the "Cash" Amazon (Amazon Cash) of the new service, the user can directly to the Cash deposited in the Amazon accounts, without having to use a credit card or debit card.

  Before that, the user is difficult to directly to the cash directly into their amazon account. Most people will buy the amazon gift card. At present, only some U.S. retailers to join the Amazon Cash services, including CVS, Speedway and Sheetz, etc.

  Investment acquisitions in India and the Middle East constantly doing things

  As a big electric business platform, amazon layout in all the mainstream market, but its also taking multiple measures in some emerging markets.

  1, the acquisition of the Middle East's largest electric business platform Souq.com

  On March 23, amazon has confirmed full acquisition in the Middle East's largest electric business platform Souq.com. Although did not disclose the specific amount of trading, but it was revealed earlier to $650 million.

  The Souq covers the Middle East and north Africa 78% of online transactions. This means that, after the amazon in it, also conveniently to harvest the region nearly eighty percent of the online retail market share.

  2, investment in India market, get a licence

  In India market, although amazon has the strong it, but they don't give up. It is understood that amazon had $5 billion in the Indian market, now had a 30.3% market share in the mobile end, distance of India's electricity giant Flipkart30.7 % market share of only 0.4%.

  In the first quarter of this year, amazon's traffic growth speed is greater than the growth rate of only 11% of it, the number of users to share applications, and browser users on the application of the amount of time and cash ability is higher than it.

  Previously, along with all the amazon will provide Prime membership, Prime view itself

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